November 2019 - Tacos & Beer

Tacos & … Beer Dinners

Tacos and Beer Dinners

You already know that Tacos & Beer is one of the hottest spots to eat and drink in town. What you may not know is we host exclusive beer dinners where diners get to experience multiple courses of stellar dishes paired perfectly with specific beers in a small, intimate setting. It’s one of the coolest ways to try a lineup of brews from trendy or up-and-coming breweries alongside a memorable, awesome meal. Our beer dinners are an incredible way to knock date night out of the park or spend an unforgettable night out with friends. 

tacos and beer restaurant las vegas

Rise (A Glass) to the Occasion 

Our most recent event, for example, was served up alongside beers from Pure Project Brewing out of San Diego. Three gorgeous courses of dinner and dessert were complemented by five (yes, five) of Pure Project’s most rave-worthy brews and it was a smashing success. Take a look at the menu below to catch a glimpse of the magic that was coming out of the kitchen, and maybe even more importantly, check out those beers! Let’s just say, you can expect your thirst to be adequately quenched.  

Cena de Muertos with Pure Project Brewing - tacos and beer restaurant las vegas

Good News for Good Brews 

Now, for the good news and bad news. The bad news is, as you would expect, these events sell out FAST. The very good news is, if you follow us on social media and join our mailing list, you’ll be in the know. Find Tacos & Beer on Instagram (@tacosandbeerlv), then join our mailing list. As always, our beer dinners are for guests 21 and older to enjoy. Pro tip: To experience a one-of-a-kind Tacos & Beer beer dinner, buy tickets as soon as they are available to guarantee your seats. 

Four Things You Need to Know About Happy Hour

Happy Hour at Tacos and Beer

There are few pure joys in life and Happy Hour is undeniably one of them. 

As if pre-supper or late-night communal drinks and appetizers in a space where you don’t have to do anything but relax, eat, and drink wasn’t blissful enough, there exists another dimension where all the delicious sips and bites are cheaper than usual. You know it, you love it, it’s Happy Hour. 

Here are four fun facts about the greatest addition to our daily lives since the invention of the margarita.

1. Happy Hour Could Be as Old as the 1600s

Act I, Scene II of Shakespeare’s King Henry VIII reads, “Therefore, my lords, omit no happy hour…”. Sure, this is definitely taken out of context and old Will probably wasn’t referring to $4 draft beers, BUT we’re gonna take it at face value and heed his advice anyway. To be or not to be at Happy Hour… that is the question. HINT: Be there or thou shalt be square. 

2. Happy Hour is Illegal in Eight States 

It’s true. Because of over-indulgence in the liquid offerings of irresistible Happy Hour specials, a handful of states have banned the sacred deal altogether. Apparently, the spike in alcohol-related automobile accidents gave them cause for concern. They must’ve never heard of ride-sharing apps. Someone should tell them. PS. Reconsider your next vacation to Indiana, Vermont, Massachusetts, North Carolina, Alaska, Rhode Island, Utah, or Oklahoma. 

3. National Happy Hour Day is November 12 (!!!)

Naturally, a day dedicated to worshipping Happy Hour should and does exist, and we’re wondering why we haven’t celebrated it sooner.  Cancel your appointments, call the babysitter, scream it from the rooftops; National Happy Hour Day is right around the corner and we know just where you should pay your respects. 

4. Tacos & Beer Delivers The Happiest of All the Hours

That’s right, Tacos & Beer offers killer tacos ($2.50 each) and super-slashed drink prices during our Happy Hour. From beer + shot combos and pitchers of margaritas to our insanely delish signature drinks (think Caramel Swizzle YUM), we offer the best Happy Hour in town daily, from 3 PM-6 PM and then again from 11 PM-1 AM, excluding Taco Tuesdays and Saturdays. It’s an offer you can’t refuse. Get happy. We’ll see you here.

National Spicy Guacamole Day

National Guacamole Day: Taste Our Special Guacamole!

We’re Confused…

Everything shuts down for New Years Day, Christmas, and Thanksgiving, but the most important day of the year arrives, and its just business as usual? School is still in session? The post office is up and running? We are slightly horrified by the lack of respect for this wildly important holiday, but regardless, November 14th is upon us, and we’re ready to fiesta. That’s right, National Spicy Guacamole Day will be here before you know it… and we can’t wait to celebrate. 


Everyone’s Not-So-Guilty Pleasure

GUAC. The perfect partner to a salty tortilla chip, the epic topping to any taco, the delectable dollop that completes every burrito, quesadilla, and Super Bowl gathering. Make that guacamole spicy, and you’ve got yourself a condiment that’s worth praise and its very own day on the calendar. But where did guacamole come from? Heaven? Let’s dig into the history of the dip of all dips. 


This is Guac-ward

Whether chunky or smooth, mixed with salsa or jalenpeños, the undeniable core of guacamole is the avocado. There’s lots of history here, but all you really need to know is the origin of the word “avocado” derives from the ancient Aztec, “ahuácatl,” which literally translates to, um, the male body part that the tree-hanging fruit resembles. When the godsend that is guacamole was finally invented, the word, “molli,” meaning “sauce” or “soup” was added to the end of the Aztec word, creating, “ahuácamolli,” which we now call “guacamole,” and which you’ll now forever only refer to as “testicle soup”. 


Less Talk, More Guac

Call it whatever you want, nothing can deter us from loving the ultimate Mexican staple. We know you agree. Lucky for absolutely everyone, Tacos & Beer serves up the best spicy guac in town. And while we probably should close our doors in reverence to such a significant day, we’ve decided to stay open to share the salty, creamy, beautifully acidic, spicy love. Pro tip: you can even opt to add pomegranate or pumpkin seeds to our already outstanding shareable (or hoard-able) appetizer. Come check it out on November 14th for National Spicy Guacamole Day … but, honestly, we’re willing to celebrate any day of the week.


national guacamole day - taste our special guacamole at tacos and beer

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