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Four Things You Need to Know About Happy Hour
November 12, 2019 by Sofia Beer

Happy Hour at Tacos and Beer

There are few pure joys in life and Happy Hour is undeniably one of them. 

As if pre-supper or late-night communal drinks and appetizers in a space where you don’t have to do anything but relax, eat, and drink wasn’t blissful enough, there exists another dimension where all the delicious sips and bites are cheaper than usual. You know it, you love it, it’s Happy Hour. 

Here are four fun facts about the greatest addition to our daily lives since the invention of the margarita.

1. Happy Hour Could Be as Old as the 1600s

Act I, Scene II of Shakespeare’s King Henry VIII reads, “Therefore, my lords, omit no happy hour…”. Sure, this is definitely taken out of context and old Will probably wasn’t referring to $4 draft beers, BUT we’re gonna take it at face value and heed his advice anyway. To be or not to be at Happy Hour… that is the question. HINT: Be there or thou shalt be square. 

2. Happy Hour is Illegal in Eight States 

It’s true. Because of over-indulgence in the liquid offerings of irresistible Happy Hour specials, a handful of states have banned the sacred deal altogether. Apparently, the spike in alcohol-related automobile accidents gave them cause for concern. They must’ve never heard of ride-sharing apps. Someone should tell them. PS. Reconsider your next vacation to Indiana, Vermont, Massachusetts, North Carolina, Alaska, Rhode Island, Utah, or Oklahoma. 

3. National Happy Hour Day is November 12 (!!!)

Naturally, a day dedicated to worshipping Happy Hour should and does exist, and we’re wondering why we haven’t celebrated it sooner.  Cancel your appointments, call the babysitter, scream it from the rooftops; National Happy Hour Day is right around the corner and we know just where you should pay your respects. 

4. Tacos & Beer Delivers The Happiest of All the Hours

That’s right, Tacos & Beer offers killer tacos ($2.50 each) and super-slashed drink prices during our Happy Hour. From beer + shot combos and pitchers of margaritas to our insanely delish signature drinks (think Caramel Swizzle YUM), we offer the best Happy Hour in town daily, from 3 PM-6 PM and then again from 11 PM-1 AM, excluding Taco Tuesdays and Saturdays. It’s an offer you can’t refuse. Get happy. We’ll see you here.

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