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How Drinking Beer Can Help Save The World
January 10, 2020 by Sofia Beer

Is beer really good for you?  Can drinking beer save the planet?  What are the benefits of beer? Recently, it seems as though the topic of “sustainability” has been at the forefront of conversations all over the world. Many huge organizations have done away with plastic straws, for example, and reusable totes are increasingly encouraged as more information about just how destructive disposable plastic bags are to our oceans emerges (California and Hawaii have completely banned them). Our most prominent public figures can be seen pleading with the masses to pay attention (think: Greta Thunberg and Leonardo DiCaprio), and this year, CES, the largest technology convention in the world right here in Las Vegas (this week!), is even dedicating a portion of their gigantic curricula towards education on energy efficiency and environmentally-friendly business practices. Every year, more people are choosing plant-based foods, driving cars run on electricity rather than gasoline, and are powering their homes with the clean, pure abundant energy of the sun. But, why? 

Benefits of Beer: How Beer Can Save The Planet

According to the U.S. Census Bureau, in 1990, the world population was approximately 5.29 billion. Today, 7.62 billion of us eating, breathing, consuming, polluting human beings are roaming the earth, and the planet can only support our wildly growing population for so long. Because of this, Earth is starting to show signs of wear and tear. Our incredibly important oceans are becoming toxic to us and its inhabitants, the changes in the climate are erratic and dangerous, and our resources are being depleted. So, to ensure our beloved beautiful world can continue to provide us with all things life-giving, it’s crucial that the human race start being mindful about how to take what we need to survive without harming everything around us. 


What can you do? Sure, you can recycle (please do), but you can also drink beer. “Green Beer” is no longer just a cheap light brew mixed with a dash of verdant food coloring served on St. Patrick’s Day. Nope, it’s how some of the best brewers of this planet-conscious generation are doing their part to make awesome beer while respecting Mother Earth at the same time. A more efficient use of water, for example, is a practice a sustainability-minded brewery might utilize, but the environmental-friendliness doesn’t end there. Within our great country alone, green breweries are doing everything from repurposing grain waste into compost and livestock feed (or even dog treats), to cleaning the CO2 produced by the brewing process before it escapes back into the atmosphere, to using refillable beer bottles, even donating used tap house furniture to veterans. 


We, at Tacos & Beer, are on board. Not only are we actively and seriously working to eliminate the use of plastic altogether, but we supply our patrons solely with straws made from avocados, which are biodegradable- breaking down in 240 days, versus plastic straws, which pollute the environment for 200 years. On the topic of beer, check out our multiple options from Firestone Walker, in particular, a California brewing company endlessly dedicated to reducing their carbon footprint. You can check out their state-of-the-art practices here. We also offer a wide variety of plant-based and vegetarian tacos; crazy delicious and free of the ties associated with the pollution of the meat industry. 


Alone we can do so little, together we can do so much. We’ll see you at Tacos & Beer for food and drinks that will surely make you (and the earth) feel good. Stay tuned for additional sustainability practices, we are truly excited to be doing what we can to improve the health of our earth, our home. 

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