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National Margarita Day – National Tortilla Chip Day
January 31, 2019 by Tacos & Beer


National Margarita Day,

Not to be out done by National Tortilla Chip Day

Like the age old saying , “which came first, the chicken or the egg?”, margaritas and Tortilla chips practically go hand in hand. Since National margarita day and National tortilla chip day fall on the same weekend, we decided to make it extra special for you. For the whole weekend (Feb 22nd-Feb 24th) we will be serving up these Mexican food and drink specials.


National Margarita Day Feb 22nd

When it comes to sorting out the legends associated with the origin of the margarita, there are many. Two things are certain; the cocktail included tequila, and the bartender edged the rim of the glass with salt. In Mexico, when drinking straight tequila (especially if the quality was bad), the best course of action was to down it in one swallow, suck on a wedge of lime and lick a dash of salt off the back of your hand.

It makes sense that the salt followed the lime and the tequila to the margarita glass. Today, lime is not the only flavor of margarita, and the specialists behind the bar have gotten creative mixing dried herbs, infused sugars and exotic salts to enhance both the presentation of the glass and the flavor of the cocktail.”

In honor of National Margarita day we are serving up our 22oz watermelon and blood orange margaritas with a tajin rim. Yes, you read that right,22oz. These super sized margs will only cost $11 on FRIDAY. The rest of the weekend you can enjoy these flavors in a glass, pint or pitcher. ($10 glass, $14 pint and $36 for the pitcher)


National Tortilla Chip Day Feb 24th

Even though tortilla chips have always been considered to be a Mexican food, known as tostados, they were first mass-produced in Los Angeles in the late 1940s. It is said that the triangle-shaped tortilla chips were made popular by Rebecca Webb Carranza as a way to use the misshapen tortillas that were rejected from the automated tortilla manufacturing machine that she and her husband used at their Los Angeles deli and tortilla factory.”

Like we said before, you can’t have margaritas without tortilla chips. So since both these popular days fall on the same weekend we will be giving away free chips and salsa all weekend.

Unfortunately, there are no refills.  But you can always order some of our amazing gourmet tacos and get your fill of our house made queso.


There are a lot of National Days on the calendar, but these two make for an exciting weekend. Call your friends and tell them to meet you at Tacos and Beer. These specials will be going on all weekend, Feb. 22nd – Feb 23rd.