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National Spicy Guacamole Day
November 9, 2019 by Sofia Beer

National Guacamole Day: Taste Our Special Guacamole!

We’re Confused…

Everything shuts down for New Years Day, Christmas, and Thanksgiving, but the most important day of the year arrives, and its just business as usual? School is still in session? The post office is up and running? We are slightly horrified by the lack of respect for this wildly important holiday, but regardless, November 14th is upon us, and we’re ready to fiesta. That’s right, National Spicy Guacamole Day will be here before you know it… and we can’t wait to celebrate. 


Everyone’s Not-So-Guilty Pleasure

GUAC. The perfect partner to a salty tortilla chip, the epic topping to any taco, the delectable dollop that completes every burrito, quesadilla, and Super Bowl gathering. Make that guacamole spicy, and you’ve got yourself a condiment that’s worth praise and its very own day on the calendar. But where did guacamole come from? Heaven? Let’s dig into the history of the dip of all dips. 


This is Guac-ward

Whether chunky or smooth, mixed with salsa or jalenpeños, the undeniable core of guacamole is the avocado. There’s lots of history here, but all you really need to know is the origin of the word “avocado” derives from the ancient Aztec, “ahuácatl,” which literally translates to, um, the male body part that the tree-hanging fruit resembles. When the godsend that is guacamole was finally invented, the word, “molli,” meaning “sauce” or “soup” was added to the end of the Aztec word, creating, “ahuácamolli,” which we now call “guacamole,” and which you’ll now forever only refer to as “testicle soup”. 


Less Talk, More Guac

Call it whatever you want, nothing can deter us from loving the ultimate Mexican staple. We know you agree. Lucky for absolutely everyone, Tacos & Beer serves up the best spicy guac in town. And while we probably should close our doors in reverence to such a significant day, we’ve decided to stay open to share the salty, creamy, beautifully acidic, spicy love. Pro tip: you can even opt to add pomegranate or pumpkin seeds to our already outstanding shareable (or hoard-able) appetizer. Come check it out on November 14th for National Spicy Guacamole Day … but, honestly, we’re willing to celebrate any day of the week.


national guacamole day - taste our special guacamole at tacos and beer

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