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Valentine’s Day – The Day of Love
February 11, 2020 by Sofia Beer
Tacos & Beer Valentine's Day

Valentines Day Las Vegas is a day in Vegas where where loved ones or best friends can spend time with one another.  Regardless of whether or not Valentine’s Day summons feelings of butterflies, nervousness, or just plain dread, the annual Day of Love is around the corner. And depending on some personal relationship variables, maybe you’re counting the minutes until the fourteenth arrives, maybe you’re counting the minutes until it’s over. Nevertheless, let’s take a look at the historical “love story” of Valentine’s Day… which, come to find out, isn’t so love-y after all. 

Valentines Day Las Vegas

As expected, this is a day honoring St. Valentine. Problem is, there were like a bajillion St. Valentines back in the day, and no one is really sure exactly which guy we’re honoring every mid-February. Historians have narrowed it down to two men (whose stories are so similar it may actually be in reference to one) to thank for spearheading a day that would eventually become synonymous with chocolates, roses, and lingerie.


Here’s how the story goes: Once upon a time in ancient Rome, a priest (or possibly a bishop) was marrying couples in the Christian faith, which was very, very not allowed. So, the emperor got mad and brutally cut off St. Valentine’s head. Fast forward a few hundred years and BOOM twitterpated couples are canoodling over candle-lit dinners all over the world. If that’s not a passion-filled enough backstory, you can go see St. Valentine’s skull on display in the Basilica of Santa Maria in Rome, which was excavated in the 1800s. Of course, it’s adorned with flowers because… romance. 


Confusing, yes, but isn’t love confusing? Even if you’re not celebrating with a special someone this year, it can’t be denied that Valentine’s Day goes hand-in-hand with perfect pairs. It is an entire day, after all, of recognizing companionship and how one half of a duo compliments the other. And we gotta be honest, we can’t think of a better, more magical couple than a good taco and a refreshing beer. Think about it. It’s like destiny you get to eat and drink. 


How to Have the Ultimate Valentine’s Day at Tacos & Beer 


On a first date? You’re in luck. You’ve got yourself an invaluable opportunity to observe how your companion performs while eating the most loved food item in the world. If he whips out a fork and knife to nosh on our Carne Asada taco, for example, you know you’ve got to let him go. You’re welcome, we just saved you months of dating a potential serial killer. On the flip side, you bring your Valentine in, and she sits down and demands, “Get me the Queso Fundido” before your waiter even has a chance to say ‘hello’- marry her, she’s the one. 


Maybe you’ve been in a relationship for a long time. Maybe things have gotten a little stagnant. Maybe you need a little excitement in your lives. Maybe you just didn’t know about our Happy Hour. We suppose you could see a relationship counselor, but you could also come in and order a 16oz Atomic Duck IPA and shot of Jagermeister instead. At just ten bucks, it would be a lot cheaper. We’ll see you here daily for Happy Hour. Open on Valentine’s Day- from 3 PM-6 PM and late night 11 PM-1 AM (excluding Taco Tuesday and Saturday nights) for drink and taco specials. 


If you’re single, even better. Don’t forget about Galentine’s Day on Thursday, February 13th. Yes, it’s a thing. Ladies, bring your girl tribe with you to celebrate friendship and independence from not-needin-no-man with copious amounts of Guac and a pitcher or two or three of Traditional, Strawberry, Passion Fruit, Mango, Jalapeño, Guava, or Piña Colada flavored Margaritas. Single men, you might want to just-so-happen to come in on Thursday, too. Wink, wink. 


It doesn’t matter if your single, taken, married, separated, divorced, male, female, or non-binary- Tacos & Beer is THE location for Val-(or Gal-)entine’s Day this year. We are honored to be able to share what we love with the customers we love on a day that celebrates all the love for yet another year. We’ll see you here, let us know how we can make your day even more special.

Tacos and Beer - Valentines Day Las Vegas

Valentine’s Day, Tacos & Beer-Style

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